“Penguin Highway” – movie trailer

A tale of mystery as people begin to spot penguins wandering through their countryside town which is far from the sea! Aoyama-kun wants to investigate where the penguins are coming from and they lead him to .. a dentist?

Penguin Highway will have its Australian Premiere at Madman Anime Festival on Saturday September 15th, 2018.

More info : https://www.animefestival.com.au/melbourne-tickets/


“I Want To Eat Your Pancreas” – movie trailer

After a teenage boy finds the diary of classmate Sakura Yamauchi, he finds out she is living with a pancreatic illness that will eventually kill her. Nobody but her family knows and he promises to keep her secret. The two become friends as she nears the end of her life.

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas will premiere in Australia at Madman Anime Festival Melbourne on Sunday the 16th of September.

More info : https://www.animefestival.com.au/melbourne-tickets/


Anima Yell! – cheer leading anime preview

An anime about cheer leading is set for the Autumn season starting this October is called Anima Yell! This series is about Kohane Hatoya, who gains a new love for cheerleading after seeing a group perform shortly before junior high graduation. Upon entering high school she is disappointed to discover that there is no cheerleading team and sets out to form her own!

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Tsurune – archery anime preview!

Tsurune is Kyoto Animation’s new project for the Autumn season of anime starting this October in Japan. The story is about Minato Narumiya starting at Kazemai High School and being recruited into the archery club. During a demonstration, Minato is unable to hit the target. What is it that makes him unable to use his full potential?