Pokemon Let’s GO Evee/Pikachu newest trailer

Legendary Pokemon are shown off in the newest official trailer for upcoming Switch game release Pokemon Let’s GO Evee / Pikachu. Plus we get more of a peek at the gameplay, adorable player characters and gym leaders

There’s also a gameplay video by Nintendo World Report TV, showing the starting area of the game. Who’s got nostalgic feels from the sound effects? I sure do!

Autumn Anime 2018

Japan’s Autumn Season of Anime is here! Let’s check out some trailers ~

Double Decker – Doug & Kiril

Kirill Vrubel is a young policeman that dreams of being a hero. While on a case he comes across a special investigation unit called SEVEN-O, that hunts users of the drug Anthem, which gives people superhuman powers.

This series is meant to be set in the same universe as Tiger & Bunny, however it can be watched as a standalone series.

Goblin Slayer

A fledgling adventuring party is overwhelmed by monsters but they are saved by the legendary Goblin Slayer.


Yuta Hibiki has memory loss, plus he’s hallucinating, a computer tells him to remember his destiny…!

Sword Art Online: Alicization

Kirito is back and full diving into a new game, but he can’t remember why he is here. He befriends Eugeo, who seems to be an NPC but displays many human emotions. A vague memory of a girl named Alice comes to Kirito and a feeling that she must not be forgotten!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Satou Mikami is killed by a criminal, as he lays dying he laments his ordinary life. The next thing he knows, he’s awoken in a new world…. as a slime!?

A Certain Magical Index III

After a long wait, Touma, Index and Misaka are back for season 3 of Index!