Black Rock Shooter to return in 2022

Huke’s Black Rock Shooter Project is set to make a return next year both in the form of a new anime series as well as a new mobile game (iOS and Android).

The anime titled Black Rock Shooter Dawn is set for an April 2022 release. The main cast will consist of Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan) as Empress (Black Rock Shooter), Saori Hayami (Shinobu Kocho from Demon Slayer) as Dead Master and Megumi Han (Akko Kagari from Little Witch Academia) as Strength.

Here’s the link to anime official website (Japanese).

Teaser video to Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall (Japanese)

Black Rock Shooter Fragment will be a mobile game (iOS/Android) published by Goodsmile Company and developed by G2 Studios. Release date is expected for Autumn 2022 in Japan (one could assume probably around the same time as the anime).

Here’s the link to the game official website (Japanese).

Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Amazon Trailer

EVANGELION: 3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Amazon has released a trailer to go with their recent announcement of acquiring the international rights to release the hugely popular Evangelion 3.0+1.0 movie, set for release on August 13.

The music used in the trailer is “One Last Kiss”, sung by Utada Hikaru.

宇多田ヒカル『One Last Kiss』

Evangelion 3.0+1.0 to stream on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Video has the exclusive international release (outside Japan) for anime hit Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time. The fourth and final chapter will launch in over 240 countries on August 13th 2021.

This movie has grossed over 9.6 billion yen ($86 million US) in Japanese cinemas so far and been seen by nearly 6.3 million moviegoers since its March debut earlier this year. To help celebrate the finale of the franchise, Amazon Prime Video will also release the three previous movies, Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone, Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance and Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo.

The Amazon Prime international release will include being dubbed in 10 languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian; as well as being subtitled in 28 languages.

“I’d like to thank every Eva fan in the world for your continued support.

We were looking for the best way to offer the movie to fans overseas as early as possible in a challenging situation with movie theatres during COVID-19, and are happy to have found Prime Video as a partner to stream it globally. We highly recommend watching it on a big TV screen for the best viewing experience.”

Hideaki Anno, Creator, Screenwriter and Chief Director.


SDF Macross Flash Back 2012 OVA streaming on Youtube

Recently a deal was finalized between Bigwest and Harmony Gold to release numerous Macross anime and merchandise outside of Japan. Macross has an expansive universe of series and movies that have yet to be released in English, so this is very exciting news!

Super Dimension Fortress Macross Flash Back 2012 was an OVA made in 1987 to commorate the 5 year anniversary of the original Macross franchise. It features a compilation of 10 songs from the original series and movie. You can currently watch it for free on Youtube on the official Macross Channel. This version is in Japanese.

Items in Stock – Haikyu, Yuri on Ice, Vocaloid & God Eater

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Pretty Boy Detective Club – Trailer

Mayumi Dojima, a second-year student at the exclusive Yubiwa Academy middle school, has lost something—a star she glimpsed just once, ten long years ago. But help is on the way, in the form of the unofficial, secretive, and thoroughly mysterious Pretty Boy Detective Club! Rumored to solve problems within the school (most of which they themselves might as well created) for reasons aesthetic rather than financial, these five gorgeous boys sweep Mayumi into their world of excitement, danger, and overwhelming beauty.

Pretty Boy Detective Club (Bishounen Tanteidan) is based on a novel of the same name. The anime starts April 2021, you can watch the trailer below!

Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime delayed due to plagiarism

Unfortunately the current work in progress for the Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime project has scrapped over multiple accounts of plagiarism.

The issues first arose when Character Design Art was posted online and fans pointed out that costume designs for two characters had been copied from other sources with very little changes. The designs in question were taken from a 2017 Volks Doll and a photo of Yeri from K-pop group Red Velvet then applied to Hokuto and Subaru Sumeragi. However other instances were found by the production team upon investigation, putting the whole project in jeopardy.

The series was supposed to begin in April 2021 but has now been delayed as production work will have to be restarted from scratch to avoid any copyright infringement.

Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose starting this April on Crunchyroll

Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy or Osamake for short, starts this April for the 2020 Spring Season of anime and will be streaming on Crunchyroll.

My childhood friend Shida Kuroha seems to have feelings for me. She lives next door, and is small and cute. With an outgoing character, she’s the caring Onee-san type, this being one of her greatest strengths.

…But, I already have my first love, the beautiful idol of our school, and the award-winning author, Kachi Shirokusa! Thinking about it rationally, I should have no chances with her, but, while walking home from school, she only talks to me, with a smile even! I might actually have a chance, don’t you think?!

Or so I thought, but then I heard that Shirokusa already has a boyfriend, and my life took a turn for the worse. I want to die. Why is it not me?! Even though she was my first love… As I was drowning in despair and depression, Kuroha whispered.

—If it’s that tough for you, then how about we get revenge? The best revenge ever, that is~

The World Ends With You – The Animation coming this April

Based on the Square Enix videogame from the Nintendo DS is The World Ends With You – The Animation. It will be streaming on Animelab from April 2021.

Tetsuya Nomura, the original game & character designer is working on the anime as Creative Producer. Japanese voice actors from the game will also be returning to reprise their roles for the anime.

Neku Sakuraba, a 15-year-old boy with a hobby for music and graffiti, wakes up in what seems to be the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, Japan. With no idea why he’s there, he opens his hand to realize he is holding a strange black pin. After flipping it with his hand, the thoughts of the people surrounding him begins to flow into his head at once. Surprised, Neku discovers he is able to read the minds of others and assumes it has something to do with the black pin he is holding.

A cell phone starts to ring in his pocket, and he can’t tell whether it is his or not. A text message appears: “Reach 104. You have 60 minutes. Fail, and face erasure. -The Reapers.” After discovering he can’t delete the message, a timer of 60 minutes imprints onto his right hand. Neku is in Shibuya to play the “Reapers’ Game,” which spans a total of seven days. All Players of the Reapers’ Game have a black pin with a skull embedded on it.