Tamarket 2020 convention schedule

These are the planned Australian conventions the Tamarket team have scheduled for 2020, please note that this is subject to change.

Due to recent events, it looks like the 2020 anime convention scene is in constant change, it appears OzComicCon and Animaga have joined forces, and we’re considering attending Sydney SMASH.

Brisbane Anime Festival has been cancelled this year because of the recent COVID-19 situation. However we do have plans on attending a Brisbane convention so we’ve shifted our focus to OzComicCon Brisbane scheduled for September.

In response to the government and recent events that’s been happening it looks like most of the anime convention scene will be taking place in the second half of the year.

We will update with specific dates and locations as we get them.

Come and grab some great anime merchandise from the Tamarket booth, coming to a convention near you!

Madman Anime Festival Sydney
– Date: March 7th – 8th
– Location: Sydney International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Madman Anime Festival Brisbane
– Date: Cancelled
– Location: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

SMASH Sydney
– Date: Postponed (TBD)
– Location: Sydney International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Madman Anime Festival Melbourne
– Date: August 29th – 30th
– Location: Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre

Oz Comic Con & Animaga Brisbane
– Date: September 19th -20th
– Location: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Madman Anime Festival Perth
– Date: October 3rd – 4th
– Location: Perth Convention and Exhibition Center

Oz Comic Con & Animaga Melbourne
– Date: November 14th – 15th
– Location: Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre