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tama-query.jpgHow can I trust that you are reliable?

We have been in operation since 2000, needless to say you do not usually stay in business that long by ripping customers off :). In Australia you require a business licence to register a "dot-com-dot-au" domain name so only legitimate businesses may use such domains.

We are make regular appearances around the country at major conventions such as Supanova, so you can be sure we really exist :)
I want to come and visit your shop, where is it?

Tamarket is an online store only, with no "bricks and mortar" shop front, although we do make frequent appearances at major anime and pop culture conventions around the country like Supanova and Manifest throughout the year. Our savings from being a virtual store only allow us to keep our prices low, which benefits you the customer!

How much will shipping for such-and-such an item cost?

Our shopping cart calculates shipping costs automatically, based on the method of delivery chosen and your postal address. To find out how much postage is before you check out, simply click on the "estimate shipping and handling" link at the bottom of your shopping cart, and fill in your country, state and postcode. There's no need to email us for shipping estimates :)

I live overseas - can I pay by International Postal Money Orders?

Unfortunately International Postal Money Orders are not accepted in Australia. Our international customers may pay via credit card or Paypal payments.
Can I pay by credit card?


Can I pay by direct deposit?


Can I pay by personal cheque?

Unfortunately we cannot accept personal cheques.

I wanted something but now it's sold out! Can you get me another one?

Much of our merchandise is of the rare or hard to find variety, so most items are only available in limited quantities. In addition, unlike western toys, most Japanese-release items have to be ordered by us several months before their release date, and there is usually no opportunity to re-stock them once they are sold out. It’s important to be quick with your orders if you don’t want to miss out! 
We may however be able to find another one for you, so feel free to email us to let us know what you’re after. In addition to our regular shipments from our suppliers, we also visit Japan at least twice a year and we can sometimes find rarer/sold out items during our trips.
I want to buy something on your site but I can’t afford it right now, can you put it on hold for me?

Because of the rarity of some of our items, we operate on a "first come first served" basis and we can only hold your product for 1 week while awaiting payment, although of course allowances will be made for international orders. If there is something you’ve seen on our site that you weren’t in time to buy, do let us know as we may be able to obtain another one for you.

Do you offer wholesale?

Sorry, we don't offer a wholesale service at this time.
Can you email me when you get new stock of such-and-such an item?

Unfortunately because we are usually busy dealing with orders, we do not always have time to individually email customers. All notifications of new stock/updates to the website are posted to our mailing list as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages, so if you would like to be kept informed please either sign up by clicking on the mailing list button in the sidebar or "like" us on Facebook.

I know it says "RANDOM SELECTION", but can you sell me a specific trading figure design or the entire set?

Trading figures come in sealed boxes and we cannot tell which design is inside, this means we are unfortunately not able to select a specific design for you, similiarly we are unable to select full sets. For some trading figures, purchasing an entire carton will ensure a full set and we can accomodate full carton purchases if we have the stock. On the occasions when we have full sets available for sale we post them on the website as a separate listing.