Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers trailer

The full trailer for the FFXIV expansion Shadowbringers was revealed a few days ago at the Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fanfest.

There will be 2 new playable classes Gunbreaker and Dancer, both DPS. In a recent patch, another DPS, Blue Mage was also released, however this job is currently level locked to 50, which leaves fans wondering if this will go to level 80 when the expansion releases.

There are also two new playable races but with genderlocking. Viera are locked to female only and Hrothgar are locked to male only. This limitation has been met with unhappiness from fans who wanted bunny boys and lion ladies! In the original 1.0 release of the game, there was some gender locks on Miqo’te and Roegadyn but when the game was fully revamped for 2.0 these restrictions were lifted. We can only hope that the dev team will release more options for the Viera and Hrothgar in future.

There will be a new system called Trust that allows an A.I character to assist you in Shadowbringers dungeons. Not a whole lost is revealed about this yet but it seems like it might help to alleviate dungeon queue times.

Of course there will be new zones, dungeons and armor to collect along our journey through the next big chapter of the story that will have us traveling to another world to save it from being bleached by light!

So much Pokemon news!

Last week in a special Nintendo Direct, the newest games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were announced for Nintendo Switch.
You can re-watch the stream here:

The game world has a European setting this time around, with the landscapes looking gorgeous in 3D rendering.

We were also introduced to the three new starters! Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey! Who is your favourite?

In addition to the new game announcement we also got a 2nd trailer for the upcoming Detective Pikachu live action movie. Which gives us a peek at a few new scenes and Pokemon not shown in the previous trailer.

Sonic fans hate the unveiled movie poster!

It was announced some time ago that a live action feature film of Sonic The Hedgehog was being made. Just this week, a motion poster was unveiled and some notes from the production team. Even though we only get a silhouette, stylistic changes to Sonic’s design are apparent, which has been met with negative reactions from fans due to many factors such as the changes to his shoes, the much more humanoid body and the lack of gloves.

A few other lowres images have been circulating the internet but have yet to be confirmed as final/official designs. However we do get a much better picture of Sonic’s face and how they handled his colouring in the poster below which is rumoured to be the pre-production pitch artwork.

These three posters have spawned a lot of art, memes and discussion over the last few days. Fan reactions have not been good, so it will be interesting to see what future marketing has in store and if a “realistic Sonic” can ever win them over.

Spice & Wolf VR Game meets crowdfund goal!

Spice and Wolf VR had a goal to raise ¥8,000,000 and surprisingly in just 2 hours after launch it had reached it’s target. The game is being developed for Vive, Occulus Rift & PC for a 2019 release.

There will be a 2nd crowdfunding project for the English / International version so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime here is the Japanese trailer :

Spice & Wolf VR (Japanese) page on Campfire

Aside from Episode Ardyn, Final Fantasy 15 DLC cancelled!

On the 2 year anniversary stream for Final Fantasy XV, it was announced that future DLC packs for Aranea, Lunafreya and Noctis have been cancelled. Episode Ardyn which is in the middle of development, will still be released in 2019.

So why did this happen? Unfortunately there has been some staff changes within Square Enix, plus the sales of XV did not meet projected targets, which has resulted in the remaining DLC chapters being discarded.

However, let’s end a good note! In addition to Episodes Ardyn still being on its way, if you also love Final Fantasy XIV there will be a collaboration event. Final Fantasy XV characters will meet a Miqote girl who asks them to help her defeat Garuda!


Joker from P5 is playable in Catherine Full Body


Joker will be available as DLC content and pre-order bonus for Catherine Full Body in Japan. English release details are still coming!

Catherine Full Body is an upcoming PS4 remaster of the 2011 game Catherine, which was originally on Xbox 360 & PS3. The PS4 version boasts many new features such as:

  • A new character named Rin, a pianist at the Stray Sheep. Rin’s introduction to the story will cause a split between Catherine and Katherine.
  • New animated cutscenes, episodes, sexy events and alternate endings.
  • New patrons at the Stray Sheep.
  • 10 different voiceovers for Catherine, for different personalities. (only confirmed for Japanese version at this point in time)
  • Swimsuits!
  • Persona 5 crossover with Joker as playable character and P5 skins.
  • Difficulty options such as auto-play and safety mode (no death/no timer) for those who don’t enjoy the frantic block climbing.
  • Original Mode and Arrange Mode – which allows you play the game with the original rule set, or the new rule set that introduces new mechanics.
  • Over 500 stages!
  • Online battle mode and ranked matches.