TypeMoon / Fate special to air NYE

When Christmas is over and you’re ready to stop listening to Saber sing Jingle Bells on repeat, there will be a Fate special on New Years Eve. It’s highly likely that the Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel Part 2 will air, as the first one was on last year at this time. However Type-Moon has also announced that a new animation will also debut.

The special will be on stream via Nico Nico Live and AbemaTV, Monday 31st December 9:00pm Japanese time. It will also be on TV channels Tokyo MX, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, and BS 11.


Psycho Pass Sinners of the System movie promo art & trailer

Psycho Pass movie trilogy Sinners of the System is going to be released in Japanese theaters over the course of 2019, with the first one starting in January.

The three movies in this trilogy are titled:

  • PSYCHO-PASS: Sinners of the System Case .1 “Sin and Punishment”
  • PSYCHO-PASS: Sinners of the System Case .2 “First Guardian”
  • PSYCHO-PASS: Sinners of the System Case .3 “Beyond Love and Hate…”



Fate/Grand Order Stage Play

Japan is excellent at bringing anime characters to life with stage plays and musicals. With the massive popularity of Fate/Grand Order in Japan, it too was destined to get a stage performance! It has already adapted the Camelot arc and is now promoting the Babylonia arc, which features Gilgamesh and Enkidu and will perform in January 2019.

Does this inspire all those cosplayers out there?


The Fate/Grand Order game is available in Australia via GooglePlay and iOS app stores.

FateGO Official English Site

Re:ZERO OVA preview

A winter themed OVA for Re:ZERO titled “Memory Snow” began airing in Japanese cinema’s this month.

Subaru sets out on a secret mission, which turns out to be planning a date with Emilia!

A second OVA titled “Frozen Bonds” was just recently announced also, which will adapt a prequel story. However there is no official news on a 2nd anime season just yet.

You can watch the full season 1 of Re:ZERO – Starting Life In Another World over on Crunchyroll.


To promote the Memory Snow OVA, Re:ZERO is teaming up with Sanrio with special goods available in Japan, which features Hello Kitty dressed as Emilia, Rem & Ram.

There are also some adorable free icons to use on your social media sites!