So much Pokemon news!

Last week in a special Nintendo Direct, the newest games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were announced for Nintendo Switch.
You can re-watch the stream here:

The game world has a European setting this time around, with the landscapes looking gorgeous in 3D rendering.

We were also introduced to the three new starters! Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey! Who is your favourite?

In addition to the new game announcement we also got a 2nd trailer for the upcoming Detective Pikachu live action movie. Which gives us a peek at a few new scenes and Pokemon not shown in the previous trailer.

Snow Miku 2019 Announced!

As is tradition for going on 10 years now, there is a new Snow Miku nendoroid released around January to celebrate Winter in Japan. Along the way, figma’s. plush and other merchandise have been included.

The last few years the designs have been chosen by way of an art competition. After announcing the winner and finalists earlier, Good Smile Company recently unveiled the nendoroid and figma figure designs for 2019.

This coming year the theme is Princess Snow Miku and she is as adorable as ever!

Tamarket will be attending Winter Wonderfest and will have these items available for purchase at Madman Anime Festival – Sydney.

Sonic fans hate the unveiled movie poster!

It was announced some time ago that a live action feature film of Sonic The Hedgehog was being made. Just this week, a motion poster was unveiled and some notes from the production team. Even though we only get a silhouette, stylistic changes to Sonic’s design are apparent, which has been met with negative reactions from fans due to many factors such as the changes to his shoes, the much more humanoid body and the lack of gloves.

A few other lowres images have been circulating the internet but have yet to be confirmed as final/official designs. However we do get a much better picture of Sonic’s face and how they handled his colouring in the poster below which is rumoured to be the pre-production pitch artwork.

These three posters have spawned a lot of art, memes and discussion over the last few days. Fan reactions have not been good, so it will be interesting to see what future marketing has in store and if a “realistic Sonic” can ever win them over.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection trailer

Over the last few years, the Code Geass anime was re-adapted into 3 movies. While the original footage from the TV series was used, in this new cut there were some deviations from the original story and small sequences of new animation. Which takes us to an alternate timeline from the original Code Geass series and sets us up for the newest movie coming early 2019 to Japan.

TypeMoon / Fate special to air NYE

When Christmas is over and you’re ready to stop listening to Saber sing Jingle Bells on repeat, there will be a Fate special on New Years Eve. It’s highly likely that the Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel Part 2 will air, as the first one was on last year at this time. However Type-Moon has also announced that a new animation will also debut.

The special will be on stream via Nico Nico Live and AbemaTV, Monday 31st December 9:00pm Japanese time. It will also be on TV channels Tokyo MX, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, and BS 11.


Spice & Wolf VR Game meets crowdfund goal!

Spice and Wolf VR had a goal to raise ¥8,000,000 and surprisingly in just 2 hours after launch it had reached it’s target. The game is being developed for Vive, Occulus Rift & PC for a 2019 release.

There will be a 2nd crowdfunding project for the English / International version so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime here is the Japanese trailer :

Spice & Wolf VR (Japanese) page on Campfire