Touhou Project Antinomy of Common Flowers fighting game coming to PS4 & Switch

Touhou Hyōibana: Antinomy Of Common Flowers was originally released for PC in 2017 and has just announced Switch and PS4 ports coming April 2021. This game is a sequel to Urban Legend in Limbo’s on the PS4.

Antinomy of Common Flowers is a fighting game in which the player will attempt to deplete their opponent’s health bar using various moves, such as basic punches and kicks, as well as more complex special moves, which require special inputs in order to be performed. Spell cards, special moves that are considerably more powerful than the regular special moves, can also be used by charging a meter through damaging the opponent, which once full, allows the spell card to be activated. Each character in the game has a total of three spell cards to choose from. Antinomy of Common Flowers has no ground, allowing for complex aerial movement.

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