Monster Hunter World & Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration


A new trailer for the upcoming cross collaboration between Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy has revealed more details.

For Monster Hunter World Players:

  • Hunt Behemoth
  • Cactuar traps
  • Baby Behemoth costume for Poogie
  • Drachen Armor Set
  • Gae Bold Gliave
  • Dragon Soul Kinsect
  • Palico Moogle
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku corrupted by Crystal

During the latest Live Letter stream for Final Fantasy XIV, the details of the collaboration and a third trailer was revealed.

For Final Fantasy XIV Players:

  • Rathalos 8 Player Trial “The Great Hunt”
  • Rathalos 4 Player Trial “The Great Hunt (Extreme)”
  • Rathalos Armor Set
  • Poogi Minion
  • Cat Minion
  • Rathalos Mount with Music
  • Housing Item – Meat Set

The original announcement trailer from E3 shows Rathalos dropping into the Azime Steppes (an area of the FFXIV Bloodstorm expansion).

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