Summer Anime 2018

The new season of anime is about to kick off in Japan and we’ve got you covered with a short list of new shows and returning seasons to check out!


Attack On Titan
Back for season 3! Eren and Historia have been rescued and put under the care of Levi. Curious about Eren’s abilities, Hange subjects him to a range of experiments. Meanwhile someone that knows secrets about the wall is murdered and the team is forced to move.
Attack on Titan S3 Promo Video

banana fish

Banana Fish
A dying man gives Ash Lynx a mysterious vial and an address along with the words “banana fish”. Meanwhile a young photographer named Eiji Okumura, has come to New York to investigate street gangs and meets Ash. With suspicion from other gang members growing, Ash continues to hide knowledge of the strange vial he received while trying to find out the substance within.
Banana Fish Promo Video

high score girl

High Score Girl
It’s 1991 and Yaguchi Haruo spends his time playing video games as he’s not popular at school. One day his pretty classmate Oono Akira comes to the arcade and beats him at Street Fighter II and every other game after that! She begins to follow him around to every arcade and they form an odd friendship.
High Score Girl Promo Video


Free! Dive to the Future
After breaking the KyoAni curse, Free! is back for a 3rd season. Now that they’ve graduated high school, Haruka and Makoto are off to college in Tokyo and cross paths with some old team mates. Rei and Nagisa recruit new members for the Iwatobi Swim Club.
Free! Dive to the Future Promo Video

planet with

Planet With
This seasons wild mecha ride is here! Kuroi Soya has just transferred to a new school and has no memories beyond that. UFO’s begin to appear and the town is evacuated to shelters. Seven strangers stand against the strange craft, can they defeat it?
Planet With Promo Video


Persona 5 The Animation
The anime adaption of the game Persona 5 is continuing this season. Highschool student Ren Amamiya discovers a strange alternate world and his ability to control persona’s. With this power ‘Joker’ and the Phantom Thieves vow to rid society of injustice and twisted desires.
Persona 5 Promo Video


A young man washes up on the island of Urashima. He has no memory other than he travelled back in time to save someone. With no where for him to go and seen as an outsider, the town mayor seems eager to send him back to the main land. Before leaving, the mayors daughter goes missing and the outsider finds her after experiencing premonitions of the future.
Island Promo Video




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